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How to Clean Tile Floors

Give your tile floors the best treatment with routine maintenance and a good tile floor cleaner.
How to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors are a great hard surface option because of their general low maintenance, durability and versatility. Like hardwood floors, tile floors need just a small amount of upkeep to keep them looking their best. Tile floors are also waterproof, making them a desired choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Learning how to clean tile floors the right way will save you from future headaches since a good cleaning routine is the best protection for any floor. Here are some tips on how to clean tile floors.

Daily Maintenance

Sweeping or dry mopping your tile floors regularly helps protect tile against dirt and debris particles. Even though tile floors are very durable, they can still be scratched. Scratches on tile can make floors look dull. Spot cleaning spills and stains are especially important with tile floors since they can make grout dirty. While most tile is stain resistant, grout is very porous and can be difficult to clean.


Weekly Maintenance

Use an effective tile floor cleaner to clean the floors with a microfiber mop. This weekly clean with a tile floor cleaner helps to remove any buildup not removed by dry mopping alone. Avoid using a traditional mop and bucket since dirty mop water can get into the grout. While there are many tile floor cleaners on the market, many need to be rinsed off before regular use.

Monthly Maintenance

Polish your tile floors to restore the protective finish and make your floors shine like new. Polishing tile floors is an easy process that doesn’t need any special tools. Floors should be polished every 1-4 months depending on the amount of traffic your floor gets.


The Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning hard surface floors. Safe to use around pets and children, our tile floor cleaner dries fast and leaves no residue—the perfect choice when you don’t want your floors to get in the way of your life. To treat your floors even more, try the Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Polish to shine and protect your floors for a lifetime!