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How to Hire a Flooring Contractor

Update your floors with confidence when you learn how to hire a flooring contractor.
How to Hire a Flooring Contractor

When it comes to doing work on floors, you can DIY or hire someone. DIY is a great, money-saving option for those that have the skills, but headaches can come from DIY nightmares when people overestimate their skills and bite off more than they can chew.

Yes, hiring someone will cost you more money than a DIY approach, but having a professional doing the work can better guarantee a job well done. Also, having a professional contractor do the job gives you more time for yourself and peace of mind—priceless things with today’s busy schedules. Before you hire a flooring contractor, look at these things to help you make the best choice.

Training and Certification

Make sure your contractor has proper knowledge of new products, systems and technologies and is doing what they can to stay current in their field. A good professional contractor will be active in continuing education and will be able to share with you their technical and educational background. Bona Certified Craftsman undergo extensive training on the floor finishing and care process and offer the best products in the industry to ensure you get the safest and easiest experience and the most beautiful hardwood floor results. 

Licenses and Insurance

Just because a person knows how to a do a job doesn’t necessarily mean they can do the job. As you check out the credentials of potential contractors, make sure they’re licensed by your state to do the work. You’ll also want to make sure they have contractor’s insurance to cover any accidents at the worksite.

Portfolios and References

Be sure to look at a contractor’s past work to see if it’s what you expect. Also, see if any references are available so you can get a better sense of how well customers are treated. You can also check online for any reviews or see if the contractors are rated by the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations.

Project Breakdown

As you get closer to hiring the right contractor for the job, be sure to ask questions about the specific project: how long it will take, what to expect during the job, how waste materials are handled/disposed and who’s doing the work. Will your contractor be using subcontractors? Getting any and all questions out in the open will give you better peace of mind. No question is a silly question, and the flooring contractor should be more than happy to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Continued Care

After the initial job is done, will the contractor do anything to help keep the integrity of their work in place? Many contractors have warranties on their work and offer other future services to help maintain your floors. Contractors should also help answer any upkeep questions you may have or recommend products and procedures to keep your floors looking great.

While these five basic categories of questions can help you get closer to the right contractor, remember that any and all questions you have should be addressed. Also, make sure to have everything in writing so that you and your contractor know what to expect.

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