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How to Refill Your Bona Spray Bottle

How to Refill Your Bona Spray Bottle

Bona products are made to give your hardwood an effective, exceptional clean while being friendly to the environment. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners provide you an extra savings benefit with their refillable spray bottles. Learn how to fill your Bona spray bottle and save money while reducing excess landfill waste!

Click on the video for more information on how to refill your Bona spray bottle!

1. Grab the top of the Bona Spray Bottle.

2. Twist top of the Bona Spray Bottle a quarter turn to remove.

3. Pour refill into Bona Spray Bottle. You can use a funnel to make this easier. Refilling the Bona Spray Bottle over a sink is suggested.

4. Once refilled, snap the top back onto the Bona Spray Bottle and lock into place with a quarter turn.

5. Clean and protect your floors.

Get the big refill bottle and save when you fill your Bona cleaner spray. Make sure you have all your cleaning accessories and check out our effective and earth-friendly line of products to get your floors looking their best.