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Signs of Seasonal Allergies

Learn about seasonal allergy symptoms and how to reduce allergens in your home.
Signs of Seasonal Allergies

Having a happy home can be difficult when dealing with seasonal allergies. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, you may think you just have a cold. However, if your cold-like symptoms last longer than a week, you may have something more permanent to deal with. Seasonal allergies occur when outdoor plants and mold release pollen and spores into the air. Learn more about seasonal allergies and how to deal with them.

Common Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

No matter your age, kids and adults suffer from the same types of symptoms when it comes to seasonal allergies. Children under the age of two don’t typically develop allergic reactions, but allergy symptoms can form in infants ages 12-15 months. Again, most seasonal allergies can seem like the common cold because they have similar symptoms:

  • sneezing
  • itchy nose/throat
  • nasal congestion
  • clear, runny nose
  • coughing
  • wheezing/shortness of breath
  • itchy, watery eyes
  • rashes/hives

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms in Pets

Pets can also suffer from seasonal allergies, but their symptoms will be different. They can suffer from the same respiratory issues as humans, but most allergies in dogs and cats will be skin reactions:

  • inflamed/tender skin
  • constant scratching or biting to relieve itch
  • scratching at ears/head shaking
  • swollen paws
  • itchy ears/ear infections (mostly in dogs)
  • itch on the back/base of tail
  • constant rubbing of face and body to relieve itch
  • hair loss, scabs, sores do to scratching

Tips to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

After you have consulted with your doctor or vet about treating your seasonal allergy symptoms. Reduce allergens in your home for added comfort:

  • Change air conditioning filters regularly
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep indoor air dry
  • Use HEPA filters to reduce airborne allergens
  • Use mattress covers to help reduce dust mites

Use Bona Free & Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner to reduce indoor allergens with a gentle, hypoallergenic cleaner. Our Free & Simple cleaners are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the AAFA and are free of dyes and scents. Bona floor cleaners offer safe, nontoxic solutions that are better for you and the environment.