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Holiday Cleaning Tips

Holiday Cleaning Tips

Getting your house ready for the holidays can be tough, but with the right strategy, you’ll get your home clean and ready in no time.

Before you start scrubbing and sweeping away every dirty spot in your home, having a good cleaning strategy will help keep you calm and cool. Plan your holiday cleaning with these strategies in mind:

  • Identify Cleaning Needs. Will you be a host or a guest during the holidays? Hosting holiday parties will take the most time to clean, but you should consider holiday cleaning even if you’re traveling. No one wants to return home to a mess, so prep your home for a comfortable return.
  • Clean When You Can. Don’t wait for the perfect time to clean, just clean! Schedule holiday-specific chores into your regular cleaning schedule so you don’t feel overwhelmed on a single day. If you have time, give yourself at least a week before a party to clean. Don’t waste your effort by cleaning too early!
  • Get a Visitor’s View. Walk through your home like a guest. Give high traffic areas the most attention! 
  • Clean in Sections. Divide a room into sections for the most effective cleaning strategy. Try cleaning each room in a clockwise/counterclockwise, top to bottom motion and never miss a spot!
  • Remember the Real Reason. While we may fuss and stress over getting the house in immaculate shape or getting the most picture-perfect atmosphere, remember that these things pale in comparison to spending time with your loved ones. If everyone’s having a great time, a little clutter won’t take away from the great memories being made!
Holiday Cleaning Checklist

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