Order FAQs

Has Bona changed the online ordering process?

Yes, we are shifting our online ordering at Bona.com so that you connect directly with one of our amazing retailer partners nationwide. This means that when you visit Bona.com and select your favorite products you’ll be connected to a retail partner where you can place your order. We're confident this will simplify your Bona buying experience.

Can I still order products on Bona.com?

No, we are shifting our online ordering at Bona.com so that you connect directly with one of our retailer partners nationwide. This simply means that if you visit Bona.com, you’ll be linked directly to purchase from one of our nationwide retail partners such as Amazon, Bed Bath Beyond, Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, or Walmart.

Can I order Bona products online?

Yes! You can visit one of our retail partners or, visit Bona.com and we will connect you with a retail partner that carries the specific product you’re looking to purchase.


What about my existing Bona.com order?

All Bona.com orders will be fulfilled. If for any reason there’s an issue in delivering your product, we’ll reach out to you directly.


What if I have an issue with an order?

If you ordered your product on Bona.com, feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise, please contact the retailer where you purchased the product.

What if I have an issue with my Bona product?

It’s best to connect with the retailer where you purchased the product if you’re experiencing an issue. Of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Product FAQs

Where can I find Bona products?

Visit our Store Locator and simply input your zip code to find a retailer of our products in your area.

Can I wash the microfiber pad? If so, how many times before I need to replace it?

Yes, they are machine washable up to 300 times; however, we recommend avoiding the use of bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets when washing.

Are the cartridges for the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop refillable?

Yes, the new refillable cartridge easily unscrews for refills with economy size Bona cleaners. Designed specifically for hardwood floor care, this combination of mop and cartridge provides you with beautiful, clean, healthy hardwood floors while keeping excess waste out of landfills.

What is the difference between the Bona Hardwood Cleaner and the Stone, Tile and Laminate cleaner?

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specifically designed for unwaxed polyurethane finished or prefinished floors. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner is a slightly different formula designed for most other hard, sealed surfaces.

Can I clean my laminate floors with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner?


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner can be used on laminate flooring. Our hardwood floor spray mop is packaged with a hardwood floor cleaner cartridge; however, we do sell a stone, tile and laminate cleaner cartridge for the mop as well. Though our hardwood cleaner is gentle enough, we always recommend using a cleaner that is specifically designed for the surface that needs to be cleaned. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner is specifically designed for stone, tile and laminate surfaces.

Are Bona products safe for my children and/or pets?

Yes, our floor cleaners are non-toxic and GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality and the more rigorous Children & Schools program. This means they passed the standards established by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) to define low emitting materials for educational and learning/play environments for young children. These products meet the most stringent chemical emissions criteria defined by the State of California's Department of Health Services Standard Practice (CA Section 01350), and also are tested for additional chemicals suspected of causing health issues in children.

Do I need to dilute or mix Bona cleaners with water?

No, the cleaners are ready to use.

How do I assemble the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop?

We recommend watching our short Mop Assembly Video. The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is very easy to put together. The one key step is to ensure the green locking ring is NOT engaged prior to putting the upper and lower assembly together. Push the green locking sleeve down near the cartridge receiver cup prior to connecting lower and upper assembly. Slide upper and lower pieces together following the channel groove and then slide the green locking sleeve up flush with the bottom of the top handle piece.

What is Bona Hardwood Floor Polish?

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is designed for any floor, old or new. Its urethane-acrylic blend evens out the floor's appearance and provides a durable wear layer. Polish is available in two sheen levels: High Gloss and Low Gloss. High Gloss will give the floor a shiny appearance, and Low Gloss will provide a satin or matte appearance. Bona Polish can be applied over any sealed or polyurethane finished floor. Polish is not re-coatable with polyurethane finishes including Bona Refresher. Use every 1-2 months to keep floors looking their best.

Always refer to the Polish back label instructions before application and watch our instructional video, I Want To Polish My Floors, for more information.

Does Bona offer other products for my hardwood floors?

Absolutely! Bona is the worldwide leader and innovator in hardwood flooring products for professionals since 1919. Bona's complete system of products includes: adhesives, abrasives, machines, finishes, sealers, stains, and floor care. Watch our video on our professional products for more information: I Want To Sand and Finish My Hardwood Floor.

Do you have retailers in Canada?

If you call us we can tell you about our retailers near you.

Do you do animal testing on your products?

Bona is dedicated to innovation and developing its own proprietary formulas in our R&D labs around the world.  We support the ethical treatment of animals in all cases and conduct no animal testing on products we have developed. The one exception was for the EPA registration of our Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner which we have sourced from a 3rd party supplier. Per EPA requirements at the time, testing to ensure human safety to dermal and eye irritation was required to be performed on animals. This was an EPA requirement for all antibacterial products at the time, regardless of active ingredients or manufacturer, and this testing was conducted to register Bona’s Antibacterial Cleaner as well. Since this time, the EPA has developed non-animal testing protocols for certain studies to ensure human safety, and Bona will seek to incorporate these protocols when they are available.

Your instructions say "rinse pad often to avoid streaking." What does this mean? I was told not to use water on my floor.

If you notice some streaking as you are cleaning, it means your cleaning pad is filled with dirt. Just rinse it out with water, wring it out well so that it is just damp, and put it back on your mop. If your floor gets very dirty you may not be able to clean the entire room before your cleaning pad gets filled with dirt.

I have used other manufacturers' products on my floor in the past. Can you help me get those products off my floor?

We recommend calling the manufacturer of the other products used to determine what they recommend to remove their products. They know the chemical makeup of their products and will know the best methods for removing them.

What is the difference between your Pro Series floor care products and the regular floor care products?

Our Pro Series products were developed for the Janitorial community and are slightly more aggressive. The products work beautifully in any home or office situation. You can click here to find a retailer near you.

Did you stop making Bona Refresher, and is Bona Polish the same product?


Bona still makes Bona Refresher but it is now sold through Floor Covering Retailers as part of our Pro Series line. Refresher is 100% polyurethane. It is not the same product as Polish. You can put Polish over Refresher, but you CANNOT put Refresher over Polish. Click here to find a Pro Series retailer near you.

What is the ratio of cleaner to water of the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate from Costco?

The ratio is 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water.

What is the ratio of cleaner to water of the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate from Costco when I'm refilling other bottles and cartridges I already own?